About Us

When we decided to start selling pianos we looked at a variety of brands, the Blüthner name is the only one that we wanted to be associated with. Blüthner pianos have an exceptional sound and its designs are extremely stylish.

Blüthner belongs to the prestigious Bund Deutscher Klavierbauer E.V. association. Blüthner’s membership to this association guarantees you production quality and product authenticity.

The craftsmanship of a Blüthner piano is unparalleled. The use of the Blüthner-patented Aliquot stringing method enhances the quality of our instruments by providing more depth to each note and creating a fuller sound. It is this stringing method that led the famous composer Tchaikovsky to exclaim: “Blüthner is the perfection of sound”.

Handcrafted by our skilled Blüthner artisans since 1853

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